Christmas Time!

Ana and Keeley bought new decorations for the Christmas tree’s.


They started to decorate the 1st tree together


but, it wasn’t long before Ana disappeared…


Keeley just got on and did it.  So, where was Ana I hear you ask….


Keeley decorated the 2nd tree too


More photographs on:  FLCKR


Pampering Session

Ana has dedicated one of her rooms to pamper friends and family.  She wanted to be a beautician when she was a little girl but her parents had expected greater things of her.

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She is very intelligent and following years of study she entered the medical profession much to the delight of her parents.  However, Ana also qualified as a beautician, simply to  prove a point and because she still really enjoyed doing hair & make-up for other people.

Keeley wanted a few waves in her hair, so Ana invited her round to do it.  They worked together, and were the closest of friends but there was always time to have a get together.

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Ana had everything laid out ready to use, in her usual organised manner.  She could cut, perm, colour, style – whatever Keeley decided.  Of course, they both wear wigs a lot of the time preferring to keep their natural hair under wraps.

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Ana worked her magic as they both sang along to songs on the radio.

Ana removed the rollers from Keeley’s hair, then used the heated curls wand to define the waves.

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All done.  Just a quick tidy around,and they could continue to chat in the lounge.

Autumn …

The ladies have new long sleeve tops, jackets and coats, not to mention a couple of wigs ready for the autumn weather.


Oh yes,they have umbrellas too  🙂

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Keeley wears the new grey wig that is  currently trendy

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Ana opts for the black wig.  It brings out her inner goth even more.

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Neither lady was very keen on the red wigs. Both are wearing new jackets; Ana in a khaki and Keeley in denim.


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Keeley wears a black & white hounds-tooth belted jacket, and a long sleeved white smock top.  Ana can be seen in a white shower proof jacket and a hounds-tooth long sleeved top.

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Keeley is wearing a ‘below the knee’ two tone blue coat (this was made from a dress pattern for ‘Gene’ doll).  The next image shows a full length picture of the coat.


Ana got to wear the two tone blue longer length trench coat.

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Ana wears  a black donkey jacket (or pea coat) and the final coat is an extra long grey trench coat worn by Keeley; her skirt & waistcoat are made from the same fabric as the coat.

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