Justin and Dita

Justin has been teaching Dita how to play the keyboard, and contrary to never mixing business with pleasure he asked her out on a date to which she agreed.  They are officially a couple now and spend lots of time together

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Home recording studio (aka spare room)

Brothers Justin and Ronan have set up a recording studio at home in a room that is no longer used.  It would have been better if it was in a basement but they made do with what they had.

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The brothers offer lessons for drums, keyboard and guitar (acoustic & electric), and Ronan is a  drummer in the band ‘Unforgiven’.

Unforgiven Band Rehearsal (122)

Ashanti adds vocals

Unforgiven Band Rehearsal (57)

Keeley plays acoustic

Unforgiven Band Rehearsal (39)

Lucien takes one of the electric guitars

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Ashanti joined the ladies this month.

She teaches and choreographs dance, already having travelled most of the world as a dancer to a very well known singer.

She keeps Ana and Keeley fit testing out new routines with them.


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Christmas Time!

Ana and Keeley bought new decorations for the Christmas tree’s.


They started to decorate the 1st tree together


but, it wasn’t long before Ana disappeared…


Keeley just got on and did it.  So, where was Ana I hear you ask….


Keeley decorated the 2nd tree too


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