I wasn’t ever going to venture into the world of big BJD’s, after all I have enough dolls in other sizes to last me a lifetime and beyond.  But gradually I started to ‘feel the pull’ of buying one to see it in person, and everyone knows you can’t buy a single one because all dolls need to have at least one companion.

Not wanting to spend too much money, until I know if they are ‘right’ for me, I have been frantically making clothes for them.  I make no pretence that I can barely get away with sewing especially as I do it all by hand, but I have found it strangely therapeutic and the clothes will have to do until I buy some or sell the dolls on.  Considering I have never seen one of these dolls, and the only measurements I had were height and bust size, the fit was okay’ish and only a couple needed to be adjusted.

Welcome to my BIG BJD’s   🙂